Each new resident of a Daniels home helps power our purpose to use real estate as a tool for positive impact.

Our approach to impact comes from leveraging our portfolio to create local economic opportunities, integrate affordable housing options, and build community capacity. We have honed this approach in Regent Park over the last 17 years as the development partner for 53 of the 69-acre revitalization.

Creating social cohesion has been a key principle of our development approach in Regent Park. From the outset, local voices have been at the heart of this work, and it has been incredible to witness homeowners in our condominiums come together with Toronto Community Housing residents in one inclusive community. The revitalization has been a catalyst for a range of initiatives and programs introduced by Daniels that have nurtured the transformation of this incredible community in Toronto’s Downtown East.

Our purpose includes:

Spaces for Artists and Entrepreneurs to Thrive

As city-builders, we strive to help break down barriers faced by artists and entrepreneurs and provide them with access to spaces where they can work and thrive.

A Spectrum of Affordable Housing Opportunities

Over the last 17 years in Regent Park, Daniels has created a spectrum of affordable housing opportunities through a range of partnerships including the First Home Boost Program and Daniels’ Partnership for Affordable Living Program.

Pathways to Employment

Our commitment to community building involves supporting local economic development through employment. Working closely with social service agencies, consultants, trades and commercial partners, we’ve created employment opportunities for local residents in Regent Park.

We’ve created and implemented training and capacity building programs to build pathways to successful employment including:

  • Moving Towards Opportunity (MTO), which has provided 162 Regent Park students with a 14-week employment readiness program and summer job placements with 51 employer mentors and generated $485,000 in local economic development to date
  • Between 2016 and 2022, a total of 54 youth received paid training and job placements through the 14-week CRAFT Carpentry Pre-Apprenticeship Program.
Our social impact commitment extends to our local art and urban agriculture programs across the GTA. Learn more!